About Psychotherapy

Often, the stresses of daily life and/or trauma from our past, can have a huge impact – not just on our emotional wellbeing but also on our physical health. Psychotherapy aims to heal any emotional or psychological pain we are dealing with, as well as gain a sense of meaning and perspective in our lives. This is done primarily through “talk therapy, ” whereby a therapist provides a safe space in which a client can explore any concerns they have.

There are three main schools of thought from which most psychotherapists derive their unique application of therapy.

Humanistic therapy focuses on the human-to-human experience of the client and therapist. It is largely based on Carl Roger’s Client-Centred Therapy, with its foundation in providing a warm, empathic, non-judgemental space, for their client to gain healing.

Psychoanalysis deals primary with the past experiences of the client, and their impact on the client’s current way-of-being.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy involves the practice of examining the client’s thoughts and ways of thinking, in order to understand how these impact the client’s feelings – and actions.