The Heart 2 Heart Approach

Personal experience has given me the opportunity to explore the depth of healing and transformation that is available to all persons, given the appropriate space and support. Heart 2 Heart Therapy aims to provide that space, that support.

Heart 2 Heart Therapy is integrative in approach – meaning that it draws on many and complementary approaches to psychotherapy – and I use a variety of methods within the therapy room, depending on what I understand to be appropriate for each individual client.

The first step in achieving change is to acknowledge what really is.

Nollaig Gallagher, M.A. Psychotherapist.

At Heart 2 Heart Therapy I try to take all aspects of a person’s life into account, to promote understanding, healing and balance in a holistic way. I endeavor to provide an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, to allow the client to more fully explore their thoughts and feelings. It is through the human-to-human connection with their therapist that healing can take place for the client.

During each session, I rely on body-centred therapy, bringing attention to the “felt sense” within the body, and encouraging the client to connect with their body in a mindful way.

Psychoanalysis also impacts my style of therapy; attachment theory has a strong influence in my understanding of the clients I meet. An individual’s story, and how they tell it, is a crucial part of how they relate to the world.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy, while more empirically proven to show positive results due to the ease with which it can be studied, is, for me, a useful tool I may draw on from time to time, rather than an ethos I adhere to.