World Mental Health Day

As World Mental Health Day 2020 draws to a close, I take a little time to reflect on how I cared for my own mental health today….

I spent time with my family; I prepared nutritious (and delicious) food; I worked at creating and maintaining a comfortable and supportive environment (i.e. I “did housework”!)); I listened to music; I danced round my kitchen; I read stories to my children; I breathed fresh air; I stretched my muscles; I noticed – the world outside and the world within. And in those moments when Life started to move faster and my own bodymind began to struggle at keeping up, I paused, I breathed, I felt, I moved, I let go.

The road to recovery from mental illness is paved with small, everyday steps. The road to maintaining good wellbeing is the very same.

Treasure what you have.

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