Minding Mothers Minding Babies

This week’s national news regarding Mothers and Babies brings with it a depth of sadness and loss that could be overwhelming. Yet despite the horrific reality being brought to our attention – the tragedy of so many mothers left helpless and shamed, so many babies forced out of their mothers’ arms, their rightful place – there is a simultaneous outpouring of love and collective sigh of relief around the country, that we have at last reached the completion of one major step in the process of recovery. There is a long way to go, and much healing to take place, to recover any sense of dignity and atonement for the victims. However, as I watch the fearless Catherine Corless being interviewed on tonight’s Late Late Show, and listen to her heartfelt conversation with Ryan Tubridy about the need for people to ask questions, to be curious and to be open, I am struck by the power of ONE WOMAN. One woman and her courage to follow her intuiton.

It doesn’t take a national transgression or a widespread tragedy for there to be a need for courage and intuition. Each of us CAN be that woman (or man), have that courage, in our own lives. Each of us can live up to the challenges we are faced with daily – the challenge of being THERE for the friend who needs a listening ear, the challenge of speaking our mind about how we are feeling in ourselves, the challenge of owning our own part in another person’s narrative. When each of us takes responsibility, as best we can, for minding the Mothers – and babies – in our lives, we can heal so much pain, we can prevent so much suffering.

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